Springtime Bunnies | Soy + Beeswax Melt (Limited Edition)

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Image of Springtime Bunnies | Soy + Beeswax Melt (Limited Edition)

Be swept away to a garden exploding in full bloom with our fresh, botanical English Garden scented wax melts.

Start the season out right with subtle notes of green florals with a heart of lilac, rose, and jasmine.

"If you’re looking for a beautiful floral fragrance that will transform every room in your home into bursting bouquets, this is definitely it."

No two wax melts will look the exact same, colors may vary per batch. These are all handmade by me but I try my absolute best to make them all look as similar as possible! Frosting is normal in soy wax! 

Place one square on your wax warmer, either electric or tea light warmer & let the fragrance fill your home. When the fragrance is no longer there, which can take up to a day, discard the wax by soaking it up with a cotton ball.

Each wax melt is unique in colorant, shape, size and volume. They are handmade and there will be slight errors in how they look. This will not affect how they smell at all! We believe it actually gives each wax melt its own personality. You will also notice some of our wax melts have a “snowflake” or frosty look. This is completely normal as we use soy wax in our wax melts. Soy wax when cooling, tries to go back to its original form. Soy wax also likes to cool too quickly which in turn causes it to frost. We promise your wax melts will still smell amazing!

How To Use:
We recommend breaking off 1 piece or 2 small pieces per use. Our melts may last up to 5 days depending on how long you melt them for. We found that melting only 1 piece of the wax melt for 3-4 hours per day will give you up to 5 days of fragrance. As the days continue, the fragrance will get weaker. If you prefer a stronger fragrance, please use no more than 2 pieces in your wax warmer.

How To Clean:
You may melt the wax down and take a cotton ball/paper towel to soak up the old melted wax. You may also melt the wax just enough to get it to pop out of your wax warmer. About 15 seconds of this method should work fine. Please use caution, as your wax melter may be hot. Once the wax melter is clean, place a new piece of wax in and continue to enjoy your favorite fragrance!